Animal Communication

Sue …. clearly has a gift and is able to live the dream of Dr Dolittle … to Talk to the Animals and in Sue’s case to help them.

Thank you Sue … that was amazing for you to “see” these things with such clarity at such a distance.

“While filming a documentary on caracal, the main star, a female we named Tetha (talk in Xhosa) fell ill and was taken to the local vet and treated for biliary, which most ‘wild’ cats and dogs probably live with. After showing significant recovery she was released but her condition again deteriorated and she was taken back to the vet.

Having done a Quantum Touch course, I put out a request for distant healing and had several responses, some of whom asked for an image of her to better focus their energy.

This I did and then a few days later, I had a call from a woman who said that she was an animal communicator but “does not normally do this… to contact people in this way”. She said that she had on going contact from / with Tetha, that Tetha would not leave her alone and that Tetha had “told” her that she had eaten something bad and also referred to her throat?

I then contacted the senior conservationist, who already understood that I thought differently about things and explained to him what I had been told .. bearing in mind that this animal communicator lived 850km away from Tetha. The Conservationist then spoke with the vet but not disclosing his source of information in fear of being classified as “loop the loop”.  He asked the vet to check the throat and stomach again after which inspection the vet discovered that she had a perforated stomach lining and that she was slowly poisoning her system.

There was but one option.. to operate…… now sadly Tetha never recovered from the anesthetic but a piece of hard plastic which she had somehow ingested was found to have pierced the stomach wall.



Tetha’s loss was enormous and heartfelt, what she had taught me was not learnable in any form, anywhere, there was so much love amongst her, her kittens and the orphaned female kitten which she also adopted and so hopefully one day the film will be completed to tell this true story … but what was incredible, was ……………..

How did Sue…. “see” these things with such clarity at such a distance?