What to Know

After a healing session

The body needs to align and balance the increase and changes in energy flow, sometimes creating the feeling of detoxification. This could last 2-3 days. Therefore, one may experience
Process: The body’s recognition that you are willing to heal oneself

» Deep sleeping patterns
» Increased energy
» Feeling of being invincible

Shifts: The body’s reaction to adjusting

» Headaches
» Emotional – mood swings, anger / tears
» Flashbacks – traumatic events

Releases: How the body releases negative emotional patterns

» Temporary change in toilet habits – runny tummy
» Excessive perspiration – runny nose
» Cold-like symptoms – body ache

Always Before & After

» Drink lots of water
» Avoid overindulging – Food, Alcohol, Smoking
» Bathe in Salt Water
» Take time for yourself – connect to nature
» Be gentle on yourself

How to get High on Energy

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