How to get High on Energy

written by a client

When a friend recommended energy healing as a general pick up for my slightly depressed and tired self I admittedly was slightly sceptical. Everything we don’t know is scary for a start, however as both my curiosity and the desire to get my energy back were stronger I decided to give it a go. Looking back this proved to be a great decision, not only did I recover bundles of energy but I also got rid of personal baggage I was carrying around and holding on to for quite a long time.

I made an appointment with Susan Harris Jones from Simply Energetic, a spiritual intuitive and energetic healer, again recommended by above friend (who must have been prompted by my spiritual guides by the way). Slightly nervous I arrived at Susan’s private residence in Table View for a consultation. It turned out there was no reason for anxiety as Susan showed up to be friendly, warm, professional and she knows how to put one at ease.

During the first half an hour we had a preliminary chat and Susan encouraged me to share both my reasons for coming to see her and my expectations. As I was a total novice in the area of energy healing she provided some background information regarding her work and explained what would happen during the consultation. I learned, that Susan mainly has been working with Reiki, which has been helping clients to strengthen their energetic and immune system, to increase their vitality for everyday life and to overcome physical and emotional trauma.

I was intrigued and wanted to know more, in simple terms please…

Susan explained that our life experiences and situations come into our consciousness when the impressions pass through our energy field and enter our mental level.  As we think about these circumstances we create emotions on our emotional level. When certain situations or experiences cause us distress we create negative emotions or even trauma.  These negative emotions affect our physical level and obstruct the energy flow in our body.  As a result we experience aches and pains or even disease, if these negative emotions manifest in our physical body over time.  Susan used the example, that “you can compare our body with a building.  The bones and blood are the bricks and mortar, the meridians are the wiring and the chakras are the energy points.  The aura surrounding our body is comparable with a coat, which has the purpose to protect us against the elements meaning situations and experiences influencing us in our life.  The life energy enters our body through the chakras, travels through the meridians and feeds the body.  This energy flow may become obstructed by negative emotions or trauma.”

So what can the Reiki practitioner actually do to help and what is happening during a Reiki session I wanted to know?  I learned that the Reiki master is able to assess the client’s energetic body to read the mental, emotional and physical layers to establish what situations and circumstances are influencing the client’s life and how they affect his or her health.  Susan explained that with her moving her hands over the client’s body she will experience different sensations in her hands depending on the energy flow.  Blockages for example make her hands cold, whereas a new flow of returning energy makes them tingle and a smooth flow of energy creates a warm velvety feeling.  Susan taps into the universal energy and facilitates the stimulation of the client’s energy flow through the meridians to enable healing in case of blockages.  As an intuitive she also receives messages referring to the client’s life, health or personal circumstances, which may be helpful for the healing process at this moment in time.

I enquired as to the practitioner’s and the client’s role in this process?  Susan sees herself more as a facilitator who helps the client in the healing process; therefore she feels that the intention of the practitioner and the client is most essential.  She told me, that “when you come to see me it is important, that you want to heal and that you are open to receive help in doing that”.

I was curious and asked how would I know something is happening and how will I feel after the session?  Obviously, the last thing I wanted to hear was that I would be in some kind of pain or discomfort.  Susan ensured me, that there was no pain involved; most clients experience a sense of great peace and calm after the treatment. However, the release of negative energy sometimes can cause a feeling of being slightly ‘beside yourself’ in the first couple of days after.

Does this mean that everything is sorted and hunky dory after the first session I wondered? I learned that it is best to have 3 treatment sessions to enjoy the full benefits as it can take several treatments to rebalance the energy flow in the body.

After so much theoretical information I was curious and could not wait for the actual practical side of the consultation.  I followed Susan into her treatment room which is small, but cosy and filled with books and crystals.  After I had made myself comfortable on the treatment bed Susan concentrated and began the session with laying her hands on my stomach.  In the next three quarters of an hour she changed the position of her hands over my body several times, at the same time she communicated certain messages to me concerning various issues regarding my life, my health and my diet.  Some I found remarkably correct others I found more difficult to relate to, but at the same time inspirational and thought provoking.  I felt very calm, relaxed and sleepy during the treatment and was almost disappointed when it came to an end.  Over a glass of water Susan wanted to know how I experienced my first reiki session and whether I was OK. We scheduled the next session for the week after and during the next few two days I felt slightly odd and almost disconnected from myself.

After that I experienced a great sense of peace, energy and liveliness, which increased with each session. On top of that I had certain realisations regarding past issues in my life which I was carrying around with me and which I was able to resolve and let go through the treatments.  I feel that I have lightened up, have found a new balance and more energy and this certainly feels good.

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