Energy links

It is difficult to define the energetic body; it is intangible and invisible to the naked eye. Yet, from a sense of knowing we are aware of its existence. Many Eastern cultures have believed in and worked with energy for […]

On the Whole

Life could be described as a giant cryptic crossword with clues that I have had to work out to find the answers. I’m unsure whether my enjoyment of such games has been an influence from my guides or a way […]

How to get High on Energy

written by a client When a friend recommended energy healing as a general pick up for my slightly depressed and tired self I admittedly was slightly sceptical. Everything we don’t know is scary for a start, however as both my […]

Chakras & Meridians

Chakras Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “Wheel. Chakras are energy centers that process and reflect information throughout the body. Chakras transmit and absorb energy, (physical & emotional) programming the network of our mind/body system. These programs govern our life, […]