Where do we begin

We are all too often told what to do and how to do it, but sadly we are seldom told why!

My aim is to try and give you this information so that whatever presents itself you will have the tools to be able to work out a solution to give you a successful outcome.

I have researched the energetic body and various healing modalities for the past few years so that I could view myself as a whole, namely Mind, Body & Soul.

Most of us have heard about the chakra system, meridians etc. and are vaguely away of their purpose but little has been given for us to know exactly what to do with it?

We have been told they are wheels of energy illuminating us from within, processing information through the Mind Body network, but what does that really mean?

We know the location of the 7 primary chakras, their colours and relevant meaning, but how does that help us and what do we do with them?

There is so much more to a chakra than what we give them credit for, but in order to explain this I will be taking a different approach creating a way of thinking that I hope, is identifiable and more realistic to our current lives.

We all talk of Mind, Body & Soul and yes, this is one of the foundation stones for my way of thinking, a holistic approach as this is needed to be understood to find balance. I am in no way saying that I have got it right as it is a continual work in progress and I have come to wonder whether I ever will but I hope it helps.

As with each question another gets asked, as understanding is the key…

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