What to remember

Are you tired of feeling out of sorts for no particular reason?

Have you suddenly come to feel:

  • … you don’t belong – wonder why you are here
    … you have problems relating to people – unsure where you fit in
    … you don’t like yourself, no one ‘sees’ you – living is difficult
    … your opinion doesn’t count – have trouble expressing yourself
    … have trouble concentrating – seem easily distracted
    … sometimes feel light-headed or ‘spaced out’ – looking for answers

You have taken the first step to helping yourself by reading this, whether you call or not, one day soon you will find yourself addressing with someone, those negative aspects of self that are inhibiting you from experiencing your true being, whether physical or emotional.

Negative emotional patterns create energetic blockages that will eventually manifest into the physical as illness as Dis-ease is your body’s way of telling you to pay attention and slow down.

It is normal before a treatment for anxiety to grow and apprehension sets in, whether emotionally or physically.

It is recommended that you experience at least 3 treatments to fully benefit from the effects of energetic healing; as with most courses of medicine, a period is required for the body to adjust and repair itself.

By releasing emotional issues through energetic means, physical symptoms may disappear, but this type of healing should never be taken in place of medical care and treatment, without consulting your doctor first.

What to Expect