Animal Communication

Susan is an amazing woman. I don’t know Susan at all but she helped me and my family to find our dog, Goldie

I have always believed people are gifted like Susan and as tragic as it was when Goldie was missing, it was amazing to experience this first hand. I’m still amazed at how accurate Susan was. My family and I are still so grateful for all Susan’s help and forever will be.

Goldie somehow escaped out of my property. We could not find her anywhere and we had been searching for 3 days before I then got given Susan’s number by someone off Facebook. We contacted her and she assisted us, her visions where so accurate, I still can’t believe how right Susan was.

Susan doesn’t know where I live, I live in another province to her.  Goldie was lost and just couldn’t find her way home, Susan had said she was like in a dried up stream/gulley, which I do have around my plot. We walked the whole night looking for Goldie but we couldn’t find her.  In the morning we looked again and, I found the place Susan had described and exactly what she had said and there was dog paw prints that were Goldie’s foot size.  Susan saw like the ground was disappearing underneath Goldie’s feet, and I suddenly walked into sinking sand that came up to my calf.  Susan had also dreamed that Goldie had hurt her leg and that’s why she was moving slow.  When Goldie arrived back home later that night her leg was very sore. I believe we were so close to Goldie but must of been moving too fast for her.

I believe if it was not for Susan we would not have found Goldie, I would never have thought that she was so close to us and I would of searched further away from my house as it had already been 4 days that she had been missing.  The following night we called Susan to see if she could try and communicate with Goldie again, as Susan was saying she feels that Goldie is around people, she never even finished saying people when Goldie walked through our door, thankfully, I had left my electric fence off around the property in case she found her way back.

Susan had also said Goldie was around the same area, I think us walking through there and shouting her name out and walking with her best friend, helped Goldie to find her way home.