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It is difficult to define the energetic body; it is intangible and invisible to the naked eye. Yet, from a sense of knowing we are aware of its existence.

Many Eastern cultures have believed in and worked with energy for hundreds of years using such names as ‘Chi’ or ‘Prana’ to describe its presence in our physical lives.

So what exactly is our energetic body?

Every part of your being and existence is about energy; the difference is how yours resonates with that of your soul. The energy carries you through life with the oxygen you breathe, one feeding the other on this its’ life journey.

You are one and more belonging to an energetic mass of consciousness. This form can be regarded as liquid but not of water, more so like mercury with an underlying magnetic property so your connection even though divided can never be broken and it will naturally move in conjunction with each other.

Our origin is purely that, energy. We are a constant mass of swirling molecules and atoms, a mercurial type substance forming a collective consciousness – a nucleus of ‘all we ever were and all we will ever be’. We resonate to a specific vibration and frequency and an easy way to identify this is by comparing us to a radio dial. There are those around us who when they come into our space we tune into perfectly, those that are understandable but not exactly clear and others who are just static noise! We tend to gravitate in life to those of a similar frequency or vibration – like attracts like.

We have briefly tried to explain energy as with anything it needs something to drive the force to create the action and reaction, your energy is exactly that, the driving force.

This conversation ended with something that I feel is truly beautiful and sums it all up. They told me to look at the clouds and note how they would move across the sky to join another cloud. They continued to say that souls are much the same and that all soul groups move to join each other making a massive cobweb in the sky. Finally, finishing by saying

“Why do you think that they say the heavens are in the clouds?”

Circumstance and situations affect you, lowering your frequency of superimposing other energy onto you, slowing you down and giving added weight.

In order for you to come to life you must slow down your energy to a point so that it can become dense enough to create matter although you still retain an essence of your original energy in its true form being your soul.

This life is a joint coexistence between body and soul where you must learn to live in unison. Balance and harmony are of the utmost importance bringing the two together (example, Ying & Yang.)

The human body is the housing, a vehicle which we have chosen for you to use in this life, designed by the Sentient. The human bodies are innate beings of intelligence but need an inner quality to create feeling, that’s the soul’s job otherwise you would exist without truth.

(Sentient: another name used for the Almighty, meaning to have the power of perception through the senses).

Your bones and blood could be regarded as the bricks and mortar of your homes, the meridians and nervous system as the internal wiring and the chakras the points that you plug in to get the power that fuels the body and creates light within. Your Aura would be the coat of paint that reflects the current status of its condition.

Imagine the old fashion bath chain running from the bath, made up of small balls and a connector linking each together. When we choose life we take an essence of our soul collective to come into being, and from that droplet we form a chain of events from the Energetic realms into the Physical.

This chain is an everlasting awareness of the universe vibrating at a resonance according to its placement, the rate of momentum slowing down to allow for matter to be manifested as the physical body.

What appears as the chain could also be referred to as the continuation of the Chakra (family) line …

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