Everything is Energy

“Enlightenment doesn’t come through constantly seeking after some kind of excitement but through concentration on making each task in our everyday routine sacred”

Everything is Energy

If we take this into account by mentally and physically working with our energy instead of against it—by becoming aware of our own energy centres, how they work and how to balance them—we discover limitless potential to help ourselves.

Energy Healing

It is becoming widely accepted that our energetic bodies are as important as our physical and emotional bodies to have a sense of complete wellbeing a balance is required throughout.
When we are emotionally out of sync, our physical bodies take the toll by creating dis-ease to draw our attention to the fact that something needs to be addressed.

Emotionally, we treat the mind, physically the body, but energetically we need to look at the Chakras, as they are the ‘programmes’ within that reflect and process information from our daily lives through the mind-body network.

By looking at the properties associated with each Chakra, you will be able to identify the imbalance within. Placing your intention to address the cause of the imbalance will allow you to release the negative effects of it from your energetic body


Negative emotions appear in our Physical system as energetic blocks from experiences, whether past or present.

Our thoughts draw experiences towards us from the outside. Because like attracts like, we draw into our lives the people, events, and situations most like what is going on within us.
Our body is our best friend as it supports us through our life, through physical wellness and illness. When our body presents a symptom or dis-ease it is merely highlighting the fact that there is something that needs to be addressed. It uses this function to draw to our attention any state of imbalance within.

Energy Healers

It is the healer’s task to help highlight to their client how they have blocked their system so they can find understanding, acceptance and finally let go of any negative patterns.  Part of a healer’s work will involve dealing with many situations that may be physical, emotional, or energetic. It is therefore important that we are honest with oneself in how we handle them. It is necessary to be compassionate and understanding without personally taking any stress or emotions presented.

Remember every situation that will be presented will in some way reflect an aspect of yourself.

By realizing that dis—ease comes from the outside in, helps one to understand the events that have caused it. A situation will arise and influence our energetic field, creating a response in our mental/emotional field and then finally creating dis-ease in our physical body.

It usually takes approximately two years to manifest so ask your client to recall the circumstances of their life two years prior to the dis-ease presenting itself.

Energy Healing