Energetic Healing

Simply Energetic offer a full spectrum of Holistic Healing & Alternative Therapies; treating both the Physical & Energetic layers, helping the Mind, Body & Soul find Harmony & Balance.

Usui Reiki | Emotional Freedom Technique | Quantum Touch | The Journey | Reconnective Frequencies & Energy Healing.

Susan Harris Jones has been researching the various modalities of energy healing for several years, recognizing the common denominators that bring them together. Through extensive study, Susan has gained insight to facilitate and assist those looking for help in this regard.

Simply Energetic believes in the adage that

understanding is the key… as Total Well-being is not only a medical condition but should be a way of life!

Offering services to those who are tired of feeling out of balance with the environment around them (or just uncomfortable with themselves), to help cope better with situations of day-to-day life by balancing and increasing their energy and enabling them to let go of emotions and memories that have negatively affected their lives.

With day-to-day stress our energy levels can easily drop which causes our bodies to weaken, allowing dis-ease to manifest in various forms, from simple headaches to more serious heart problems and the dreaded diseases.

By working with your energy through intuitive guidance I can help strengthen your energetic & immune system and increase your vitality for everyday living, helping you to uplift your spirit and move forward.

What to Remember