On the Whole

Life could be described as a giant cryptic crossword with clues that I have had to work out to find the answers. I’m unsure whether my enjoyment of such games has been an influence from my guides or a way that they have found to stimulate me in pursuing the truth.

I have never been one for science and admittedly those classes in school were to me a nightmare as I couldn’t make heads or tails of things, so when I found that I could hear voices who were willing to answer my questions my first request was that everything be explained to me in the simplest form so that I could easily identify or recognize what was being said. Finding similes that would explain those answers where I could clearly imagine or see the meaning of.

The words that follow, written in italics have come directly from those above dictated to me to share with you so that we can find our way home.

I give endless thanks and recognition to my extended Spiritual & Ethereal Family, my Angels & Archangels, My Healers & Teachers, My Ascended Masters & Guides, The Upper Counsel and my Higher Selves. Their guidance and constant support is something that has blessed my life beyond belief.

I also wish to thank other special people in my life who have helped me bring this to you …

I am a Spiritualist but Spiritualism – What is it?

Really, it’s a perception – but the word feels right and comfortable to me.

Spiritual: concerning the spirit or soul as opposed to matter / concerned with sacred things, the holy and divine.

Ism: an action or result / a system, principle or ideological movement

Any name would be good enough, but this seems to just sum it up and describes it well.

In some cases, ignorance is bliss but we all have at some stage come to a point where we have said “there has got to be more to all this”. If we consider time it self and how it continues on infinitely and the galaxy where we are learning everyday how vast it actually is; then our existence here seems fruitless unless there is more. This was one question that started me on my search along with other things, but we will get to them later.

I was fortunate to grow up in a family who were religious but never forced it upon us. I went to Sunday school and having various churches in the village visited most of them at some time, listening to their sermons without fear of incrimination because I was never indoctrinated that I was Catholic or Anglican etc, and the twain should never meet as the Lord’s word whoever spoke it was good enough.

This I think gave be a broad view overall and I read up on several religions but found each time I liked bits and pieces but there wasn’t one that seemed to have everything, so I continued to look further. In some families the pre-conditioning of our forefathers, our parents to us, our grand parents to our parents and so on, can intimidate you so much that you are frightened to look outside the box. Me, being an inquiring child decided to look further especially as there was something pushing me from the inside to do so.

When you open your minds and ask the questions it is as if you learn to breathe for the first time as you are honoring part of yourselves you have yet to remember.

Life is an experience where you learn about yourselves and you are given examples in order to grow. With knowledge you expand your soul to recognize themselves and their potential. You must be patient and learn to take smaller steps so that you are in fact placing your feet firmly on the ground so you may too connect with the Mother earth’s Energy (as is above then so is below). Energy is contained by all things, animals or minerals but resonating at different frequencies. In life you are learning to increase your frequency so that you can once again be whole.

Friends have encouraged me to take this bold step, saying that my non-scientific approach to describing my experiences without all the mystical mumbo jumbo has given them an insight to seeing things differently. So, treat this as a manual with instructions and references that you can work with, without having to have the thesaurus on hand…

As I am putting pen to paper I am sitting here wondering what on earth am I going to write and who am I, to be doing such a thing.

Having grown up in a family where I was described as a child with a highly vivid imagination and often having my words fall short to resounding laughter, admittedly I am somewhat nervous at the thought of now offering advice to other people.

Why – now there’s a question. I suppose because I have been on the path of Spiritual Enlightenment for most of my life having guidance offered to me in all sorts of ways so if I can now offer someone a helping hand to make their life easier then I would like to do so – it’s as simple as that.

I’ve been fortunate in many ways and looking back I can now clearly see, even though at the time it may have been difficult that there were many reasons why my life was taking those twists and turns as blessings are often disguised in the weirdest guises and those that opposed me my greatest teachers!

Firstly, I think the best thing would be to say is that the only truth in all my words is what resonates inside of you, believe in your instincts and take the bits and pieces that will inevitably guide you in the right direction to where you are going.

This advice is hopefully set out in such a way that will give you a clear understanding of how things should be and will help you identify your truth but remember only what rings true and feels right for you is what you need to take away. There are no fixed rules as in life we have been given “free will” and “choice” so take them as sign posts along the road where you can either take the scenic route or cut out any unnecessary detours.

Enjoy the ride …

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