My aim with this site is to help those seeking guidance or advice on Spiritualism by giving an easily recognizable explanation, based on my perception of how things work, covering as many areas as possible, so that they are identifiable in everyday life without the mysticism that has shrouded it in the past.

We have all heard about those ‘gifted’ few that are guided by unseen sources or know things before they have happened, but did you realise that you too are ONE – as everyone has the same potential to gain these insights, it is merely a case that some have chosen to seek out their gifts earlier than others.

Like an inquisitive child at Xmas, I sought out my hidden gifts and blessings, unwrapping them eager to see what lay beneath the trimmings.  In your case it is just a question of when will you look for yours?

I am therefore offering you the opportunity to learn from my experiences to help and guide you, so that the hidden treasures that lie beneath are found and can be appreciated by all.

Having travelled this road for some time now I am happy to show you the sign posts, to make your journey a pleasant and exciting one.