Spiritual Development

You came into my life and opened my eyes to so many things, it’s hard to know where to begin.

I’m proud of your influence in my life: positive healing, balance and harmony. For all your work and support through Reiki I can’t thank you enough.

Through all the trials in my young life I hold on to one truth: Life doesn’t define us – it re-fines us.

I used to wonder at times if I was just destined to struggle through life, surviving from one trauma to the next – constantly worrying when the next wave would hit and if I would survive cleaning up after the mess; and always in the back of my mind I wondered if a time would come when that ‘big’ something will happen to push me beyond what I would be able to cope with in my own strength…

I’ve always struggled alone, and I think feeling like I’m fighting unseen demons in a hard and sometimes cruel and unforgiving world can blur my outlook on life – finding meaning through fear is not finding meaning at all – it’s more like finding more ways to invite trauma into my life.  What I found was a holocaust of cycles that constantly fed off one another.  And me stuck in the middle powerless to control and understand: “why me”? I didn’t know it at the time, but I had even verbally claimed partnership of these things: ‘my’ struggles, “my” hardship, “my” pain; all of them incorporated and finding shelter in my world. All of them signing ownership and taking parts of me to claim as their own.

For once in my life I accepted that there could be a deeper meaning to all of this, and I opened my heart to you – you created a safe and welcoming and holy place for me to lay my life down – literally – and embrace my higher self, you awoke in me a healing spiritual power unlike anything I’ve experienced!  Your intuition into intuitive healing and understanding is such a precious gift, it stuns and amazes me and I’m so humbled by the treasure you freely give away to those who can grow and learn by it.

I have walked through gardens, found dragon flies, swam through the hardest of oceans, faced the heaviest of burdens, cast away my deepest, ugliest and most frightening of tormentors; with you by my side, through the passages of my soul. I’ve walked with angels, sought the counsel of my Sage and Guides.  I’ve drawn the faces of fairies, been embraced by the wings of my Guardian, and felt my tears being washed away by fire!

You watched as I discovered there is more of me to love than what I see, you encouraged me to look, to really see and trust. You held the space for me to accept gifts, and to acknowledge that a gift is only a talent, if I would dare to use it. You invited balance and harmony into my life, and closed the door on chaos and discourse. You tapped my feelings out, like knocking on the door of my heart.  Always patient, always gentle, and above all always intuitive. Listening to your hearts song, sung by the harmony of angels.  I have come to you for months now, always you have made time and space for me.  Asking, and obliging me to nothing more than an open heart and commitment.

Never in my life would I have expected to accept the possibilities I discovered. I have never had Reiki before; I didn’t really know what it was all about until I met you. And I most certainly didn’t think I would be in the presence of angels!  The trust between us is so pure and absolute I would not have done any of this or even entertained them had it not been for your gifts. They are absolute and need no proving – my life is proof enough.

Trials of life are easier to handle only because I let them go. Not because they don’t exist. But I am no longer alone. I am no longer afraid. I have an army behind me, dedicated to my ultimate success and safety.

EFT “Aha & Wow”