What to Expect

Benefits of a treatment

» Reduction in addictive behaviour
» Improves Memory and Focus
» Increased Energy and Vitality of Life
» Relief from Phobias and Fears
» Rebuilds emotional interaction within relationships
» Helps coping mechanism in day-to-day life
» Recognition of negative patterns
» Overcome physical and emotional trauma

During a treatment you may experience

Deep Relaxation – Fall Asleep
This is your body’s way of getting you out of your head from the stresses and thoughts of your daily life or from resisting treatment.
Temperature fluctuations – Hot or Cold
Where energy is required, or to show where the energy may be blocked
Tingling – Pins & Needles
The restarting of energy in an area that has been previously blocked or stagnated.
Feeling of being unbalanced – Sea sickness
A new flow of energy returning to the body

All treatments are non-invasive, and the patient remains fully clothed throughout.

What to Know

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