Spiritual Mediation & Communication


Are you looking for signposts as to where your life is going; advice or guidance on what to expect? Intuitive readings give us the clues that we need and how to make decisions for our personal growth



In today’s hectic world it is vitally important to find moments of peace and quiet where we can switch off from every day life. This simple task is a loving gift we can offer ourselves on a daily basis. Anyone can learn to meditate.



We all have a Guardian Angel who has been with us throughout our Creation. Unfortunately, until such time as we recognise and acknowledge them by welcoming them into our lives, they are only able to watch over us. Through guided meditation we can meet our Guardian Angel and those of the Spiritual realms who are willing and there to support and guide us in this physical lifetime.



We all too often make promises, be it for marriage, relationships or just life in general. Then when we move on from them we wonder why they still trouble us. Our words are sacred and when expressed in a solemn occasion and witnessed by others we are beholden by them. They have power!  Sometimes our lives change beyond our control, yet when we forget to ask to be released from the vows we previously made, this places us in energetic conflict as we are still honouring what was said before.

Through a ‘Cutting of the Cord’ ceremony you can negate and void the Vows made and release yourselves to move into your personal power and on with our life.



We are often told “be careful what you ask for” – this is so true. We seldom realise the power of our words and wonder why we get stuck in life. The Universe always gives us what we ask for and by learning how to ‘voice‘ what you want is important, so that it actually happens the way we mean.  Through carefully worded thoughts we can turn our lives around by improving our own self confidence and the situations around us.

This simple but important precise task is possible and once learnt will never be forgotten.



Objects can hold the energy of the wearer so too can spaces hold the energy of events that have occurred there. Both of these energies can be read and cleared by a Spiritual Intuitive.
Negative energies build up from dis harmony so that they can be felt by all those who enter, creating a disruption in the atmosphere and causing additional tension to those who live there.
By clearing a home, room or object, you can re harmonise the vibration so that the negativity is released and becomes receptive, safe and welcoming