Walk the walk, if you Talk the talk

I came to question my life at an early age as I was privy to that inner voice nagging inside for me to look beyond what was naturally in front of my eyes.

Now I can honestly say that I have chosen this as my life path, and I love it with a passion, it’s exciting and I never cease to be amazed at the possibilities, those ‘Aha & Wow’ moments showing us life’s little miracles. I have come to understand that our aim during this life is to cleanse the negative energy that has become encrusted on this earth and due to generations of abuse, and free ourselves of lifetimes of limitations we have set upon ourselves.

KISS “Keep it simple Susan”,

On the whole,  my thoughts, feelings and ideas to help you easily understand and identify some of my reasoning behind Energetic Healing & Spiritual Awareness, that has come to me through meditation.