Spiritual Facilitator

I have known Susan for the past 5 years, but more recently I have been involved with her in the Spiritual and Healing field both as a client and student.

Susan is a woman of integrity and compassion who is deeply connected on a Spiritual level.

As a client I have found Sue to be accurate and astute. She is guided in a way that allows her to hear exactly what you need, thereby providing a therapeutic process that is relevant to that particular issue. She has a range of modalities that she is experienced in providing treatments that are varied and client centered. I have personally grown tremendously in my spiritual and emotional development while seeing her.

I have experienced Sue as a teacher on two levels; one has been more personal as she has trained me in Reiki 1 and will be moving forward onto Reiki 2 shortly. Her teaching method is clear and understandable and working with her as part of my training has been a great privilege.

On a more personal level I provide free counselling for children in crises and Sue has opened up a whole new space for me in helping these children. She has provided me with supervision, support, and invaluable input which I have been able to take back into my work. This has served as a source of inspiration for both me and my little clients.

I have referred several clients to Sue and the feedback has been excellent. She is accurate in her discernment and places the client’s needs as a priority, regardless of income. One particular client whom I have known for the past 5 years and who has continued to attract trauma into her life throughout her life, has shifted dramatically upon working with Sue. I have been privileged to be part of this process and have been amazed at her accuracy and discernment for both the clients’ past situations and current needs.

Sue is a leader who finds her own spiritual guidance and sets her own standards, while being balanced and open to the teaching and input from others. She has a way of making spiritual things understandable and available to the ordinary person. She is truly gifted and a blessing to anyone who comes across her path.