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Firstly, I think the best thing to say is, that the only truth in all words is what resonates inside of you; believe in your instincts and take the bits and pieces that will inevitably guide you in the right direction. Never just accept, ask questions and ask again until you find what you are looking for. Remember the answers are inside you—it’s the questions we need to find to release them from our inner consciousness

If you are starting out, in the middle or somewhere near the end of this journey and still looking for information, then I would thoroughly recommend the following authors, who to me are a ‘definite’ for the bookcase.


Diana Cooper

Through her writing, this lady has made my life easier about the comings and goings of my mind! I have now over the years read most of her works, as she is a wonderful writer who makes you feel at ease with her words. Diana’s gentle approach is warm and comforting allowing questions to be asked without reproach.

You will find Diana easy to relate to and above all human in her approach, as in most instances what is being said is recognizable and will sit, I believe, well with all.


Anne Jones

Whenever I read Anne’s books, it seems that I can’t sleep until I have reached the last page. I literally eat up the words and feel that I am having a heart to heart with an old friend where I can ask a question and the answer is given.

Recently I was privileged enough to meet Anne in person, she is a wonderful lady just like the one I got to know through her books. Anne carries an air of serenity with a quiet strength and this is also something that you will find in her writing.

I admire her for her candour and for covering the facts so eloquently, that there is black and white in this world with so many shades of grey.


Caroline Myss

Admittedly I have only listened to Caroline on CD as opposed to reading her books, but what a lady, her passion for this stuff is awesome, she says what she means and means what she says. What I love about Caroline is her passion, she is witty and charming but her strength, I feel, lies in as to how she gets the point across, as whenever I listen to her, I get caught up in the excitement all over again!

Sometimes with books, I find that I can only read them once, but with these CD’s I have listened to them over and over, learning something anew each time.

Louise Hay

A Grandmother to us all – (although I am unsure whether she would agree on the title).
Louise reminds me of such, as often when we are searching for guidance, we tend to lean towards those who are worldly wise. Who would not only comfort us with their words but have the advice to help solve our problems.

Anodea Judith

This is the lady that I must accredit for the majority of my learning on the Chakra system. Should you wish to learn more about the true science of this amazing system then look no further? In plain English she explains the mysticism surrounding these amazing unseen phenomena that influence our daily lives, bringing together references and links that join together the Spiritual, Physical & Emotional bodies.

Sonia Choquette

here is another lady who I have spent many an hour listening to. With a musical lilt to her voice, her soft spoken words are a pleasure on the ear, and her words feed the mind.
I always find after listening to her CD’s that more questions have arisen, as she feeds the soul to allow it to lift itself from the depth of your being asking for more, so that you may embrace life and live it to the full without confinement. The lesson I learnt most from Sonia, is the fact that we must be true to ourselves and “Trust our Vibes”, irrelevant to what others may think.
Sonia’s meditations are awesome, but not for the faint hearted.

Brandon Bays

being a healer myself, and believing in the cliché “Physician Heal Thyself”, I came across Brandon’s work and I am so thankful that I did.
Having now had personal experience of her work, I have found that it is certainly a journey that explains the ‘AHA’ moments in our lives and creates a ‘WOW’ explanation on the way we react.
I often use this with my clients, and although I have adapted it to my way of working, my clients and I are always pleasantly surprised with the outcome.
Sometimes, we are even overawed!

Naisha Ahsian

I have included Naisha should any of you have the love of Crystals, as I do? This is where you will find a wealth of information other than the norm. Covering the total aspect of the stone, its property values, she also covers the effects on the Body, Spirit & Mind with affirmations to resonate its true qualities. Now that I have her works on my book shelf, I have seldom had reason to look further, as whenever I read the pages I am totally satisfied with the answers found.

Debbie Shapiro

I have been researching the common denominators between the Mind, Body & Soul for some time now, looking for information to help myself and Healers alike.
Having exhausted a number of avenues it was recommended that I read “Your Body speaks your Mind”. This to me brought it all together and I gleaned the final confirmation I had been looking for.  Debbie’s words ring so true and now I find that I have to often bite my lip when in company as, when others list their ailments; they are speaking volumes about their emotional reactions towards life.  With this understanding of how dis—ease manifests in the body, we have the tools to self treat and help others.

Doreen Virtue

We all like to meditate in the comfort of our homes, and there are those occasions where we need guidance to help us drop into that other zone.
Doreen has numerous Guided Meditations on CD covering many different subjects, and I have yet to find one that I haven’t enjoyed.

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