Energetic Cleansing & Clearing

To release or not to release that is the question?

I hope the following will explain why when doing release work, we either sometimes revert back to old ways and habits, whether harmful or not, or things start to happen exactly like the stuff we are trying to rid ourselves of…

If you know a little about Energetic healing, then I am sure you have heard; “but in order for you to move forward, you must release what is holding you back!” True, but…

What we must remember is that as and when an emotional issue comes into our lives, which is too much for us to bear, we tend to hide it within (lock them away). This also applies to stuff brought in from other lives as they are still part of us but hidden deep within this, our physical make up through cellular memory.

By releasing them and letting them go, we think that’s the end of it, but depending on how it’s done…

What does the word ‘Release’ really mean?
To set free, unfasten, allowing movement from a fixed place, making available, surrendering, loosening up, letting out or discharging.

By just saying as we had in the past, “I release, I am letting it go”, all we have done is open Pandora’s Box and brought them back into play. By being unspecific as to where they should go, just gives us another opportunity to experience them in our lives.

Think of the Secret: Be specific!

When placing your intention, you give it creation, and then allow it to be manifested.

This brings us to the 7 wise men, “Who, Why, What, Where, When & How” and once we have that sorted, then “Will” comes out to play.

You need to give it direction! From this physical lifetime, through all layers, levels, bodies, grids & fields and anything else in between, (to cover DNA & cellular memory) so that it is gone completely from your entire Energetic Field throughout Creation (as you don’t wish to deal with it in another lifetime).

Also, please always ask for it to be dissipated and ultimately transmuted to Ultimate Divine Light so that Mother Earth is saved from carrying it around in the atmosphere.  Remember, like draws to like, just like a virus in the body, and we end up with pockets of gunk waiting for an opportunity to influence those standing under it and naturally it can be quite toxic to our ozone layer.

Reclaim your Right; to adjust and correct your Energetic Vibration & Resonance with purified energy of Total Well-being to replace what you have released from, leaving no empty spaces within.
I can hear some of you saying, “but the Angels, etc… know my intention, so they should have corrected it” – well did you ask?

Remember this lifetime, although seen as Physical is in fact an Emotional Life. This is an opportunity for us to experience polar opposites of Emotion; interaction between action and reaction governing our responses.

It is given to us with ‘Freewill & Choice’, so unless you ask they won’t interfere or intervene… so be careful what you ask for?

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