Chakras & Meridians


Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “Wheel. Chakras are energy centers that process and reflect information throughout the body.

Chakras transmit and absorb energy, (physical & emotional) programming the network of our mind/body system. These programs govern our life, love, learning and interaction between body, spirit and matter.

The seven primary chakras together form a vertical column in your body running from your head to your coccyx. Your chakras are closely related to your nervous and endocrine systems and thus connect the mental, physical and emotional states of your body.

An out of balance emotional state can cause ill health in the physical body. Each chakra has its own unique purpose and attributes; for example the first chakra, the root—is concerned with survival. When focusing on the root chakra—the colour red, one must consider all the aspects of survival.

Survival of Self—Survival within the Group—Survival of the Group

Ideally the chakras need to interact to create harmony in the body. When a chakra is blocked, the free flow of energy is prevented, inhibiting your growth and balance. Energy blocks are created through pressures of emotional stress and daily living and can make you ill.



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