Aura & Body Scanning, Energy Balancing


Everything has an Aura, Aura’s are simply layers of energy that surround the body emanating from within. The Aura reflects dis-ease and/or imbalances in the body by the colour tones it radiates.

Contrary to popular belief I feel that dis-ease manifests from the outside in, first influencing our Energetic body that is in turn a reaction from our Mental and Emotional bodies. Finally manifesting, it appears in our Physical body as dis-ease giving us a sign that something needs to be addressed.

Action | Interaction | Reaction … your body speaks your mind

Thus your Aura is the first place that shows a disturbance in energy as this is affected by both our environment and the people we come into contact with.



Chakras act as the programs that govern our lives, processing physical & emotional information, forming the patterns of our belief systems through which we create and experience.  Imbalances occur in the Chakras through situations of stress which cause either too much or too little energy to flow through the chakra influencing our day to day reactions.

Each Chakra affects a particular part of the body and life issue; and by understanding their properties, it is possible to identify where a chakra is imbalanced or blocked.



Crystals can assist in healing by amplifying an intention to release trapped energy and negative emotions.

Crystals act as transformers and balance the energetic vibration of the body by re-directing the flow to optimum efficiency and health.  It is their crystalline structure that effects these changes in the energy fields that they come into contact with, including our bodies.  Aligning the physical, mental and emotional bodies will assist you to tap into your own inner power and truth and can alleviate the physical symptoms of dis-ease.