Animal Communication


Animals too are sentient beings, although seldom recognized as such.

Our pets are our constant loving companions who give unconditionally in their relationships.  We spend our time talking to them and in their presence we never feel alone.

We can tell when something is bothering them by a look in their eyes or a change in behavior but have trouble in understanding when in turn they too try to communicate with us.

As a Spiritual Intuitive I can connect with animals in such as way that I can hear/see/sense what they are thinking, needing or feeling – physically and emotionally giving us insight as to how we can resolve the situation.

Animal Communication isn’t an exact science as in most cases you are shown symbology to identify with, either as an easy reference for the communicator (myself) to recognize or for the family of the pet to use as a marker of what to look for.   It is a giant puzzle that we all need to work together on so that it can be understood.  There are also the occasions where it feels like I am looking through their eyes and seeing what they see, or sensing what they feel and other times where communication is given via an ethereal counsel who are there to assist so I can relay the message on.

It would be wonderful if it could be precise but rarely have, I found this to be so; often it is not for me to fully understand but for those asking and, with every case it is a learning curve for the next time, yet I never cease to be amazed.

With animals I don’t have a set fee, as I see this more as a contribution or equitable exchange of energy (currency) than a fixed amount, but a donation toward my time would be truly appreciated.


Tetha, the Caracal