Affirmations, Intentions, Meditation & Grounding


Sadly we all too often judge ourselves by others comments, reconditioning our mindset to accept their version of the truth. Words are as damaging as being struck by a knife, as they create a wound that although invisible still carries a scar. An affirmation is a personal message from self to reprogramme those negative statements that have been cast upon us by others. It is a very powerful tool that may be used to change negative thought patterns and trapped energies that create blockages in how we interact in the situations around us. Chakras hold these beliefs and restrict the flow of energy through the meridians, causing our interactions based on those feelings.

By saying an affirmation to yourself in front of the mirror, you personally witness and reprogram the message of self doubt, or similar negativity to self- awareness of your truth. Your higher self will guide you in what needs to be addressed and the emotions will be released. Always maintain eye contact.

Intentions (the aim or purpose of - Manifestation)

The first and foremost step in healing is the intention of both the Practitioner and the Patient, and only once both have set their intent will the ultimate result be healing on all levels of their Being, namely the Physical, Spiritual & Energetic bodies. The end result will be in Divine Right Order and for the Higher Good of all concerned.   Placing these unconscious thoughts in motion enables one to bring strength of resolve to the Conscious Level. In the same way that we manifest experiences in our lives through thought so too can we bring about healing?

We only need to recognize that we are responsible for our thoughts and thus for all that we experience. By accepting this we then too have the power to improve upon, or change our life experiences. By simply changing your thoughts you are able to change your life.

Using positive affirmations and setting your intent to reflect, these will bring about new patterns of behaviour and by making this into a regular habit you will reprogram and strengthen your belief system thereby allowing the changes to occur.

Remember: Be careful what you ask for— these are worded incorrectly if you say:

  • I want—you will be left wanting or I need—you will be left needing
    Never use a negative like not, as in the Spiritual Realms they are unrecognizable and therefore omitted, changing the context of your intention completely.
    Never say: I don’t deserve this—Say: I deserve this…….

EG: I choose to release from All and Every Layer of my Being and call in Divine assistance, in order that this will be done NOW – state what you choose to Transmute, Release, Remove, Cleanse or Clear.

Meditation (to relax the mind in contemplation)

Many people state: “but I just can’t meditate”, as they see it as an exercise that must be performed instead of a moment of mind relaxation. Considering the hustle and bustle we experience in our everyday lives it takes time to get the mind to switch off, so it really should at first be considered as a “time out” where you just sit quietly with yourself.  Meditation is where you go inside yourself. It’s all about you, whether you spend time sitting in some idyllic spot created by your imagination or whether you ask for spiritual healing or guidance. Meditation helps to create the link between the body and the mind.

Through meditation we also reduce rates of the Autonomic nervous system such as breathing and the heartbeat. This reduces stress and allows us to release blockages renewing the energetic flow, returning the body to balance and harmony.

To start—just sit undisrupted in your most comfortable chair for about 10 minutes a day.

Grounding (to be connected to the physical)

Being ‘Grounded’ essentially means being in your body, conscious of your surroundings and being present and available for whatever happens. To achieve this, you need to align yourself physically and spiritually with the central core of Mother Earth. Once you are properly grounded, your spirit will be anchored on this planet, the Earth plane. As we are dealing with energetic work it is necessary to be solidly rooted with the Earth so that we maintain a balance. Being grounded brings the consciousness that has moved into the more subtle channels through energy work back into the body, and therefore to Earth.

Being ungrounded one tends to leave oneself open when meditating and one ‘hangs out’ in the ethers above the body. This state then leaves you susceptible to taking on foreign energy from other people, making you vulnerable to picking up their negative emotions.

We all ground ourselves to the planet through eating and breathing and taking sustenance from the Earth. But using our conscious intent to ground ourselves is even more effective.  In order to clear lower-frequency energies such as repressed emotions, old belief systems, judgements, control and other contracted energies that limit us in the third dimension you need to make way for your energetic vibration to increase and allow your Higher Self to completely blend with you.

This results in full chakra cellular En—lighten—ment! You change your vibration—you literally get lighter

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